LeafX of Tennessee LLC installs LeafX gutter systems. LeafX is a premium gutter protection system that is constructed of 100% aluminum, requires no drilling into the roof or fascia of your home, and is only offered by authorized installation experts.

LeafX Clog-Free Guarantee

The LeafX Clean Gutter System is a gutter cover that is designed to keep debris out and keep you off the ladder. The LeafX gutter protection system fits easily over your homes existing gutters, is tested to withstand the heaviest rainfalls, and comes with a lifetime, fully transferable Clog-Free Guarantee.

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If you’ve spent any time on a ladder, cleaning your gutters by hand, you know what an exhaustive chore it can be. Our patent-pending LeafX Gutter Protection System will get you off the ladder, giving you the freedom to do more of what you enjoy. Our unique system is only installed by contractors that have been authorized by the manufacturer. It also comes with an industry leading Lifetime Guarantee and protects your gutters from snow & ice, leaves, pine needles, and other debris.

Benefits of LeafX

  • We Guarantee Clog Free Gutters for the Life of Your Gutter
  • LeafX Clog Free Guarantee/Warranty is Transferable, Thereby Increasing Your Homes Value
  • LeafX is Constructed of 100% Aluminum, Preventing Corrosion or Fading
  • LeafX Attaches to Your Existing Gutter, Not the Fascia or Roof of Your Home
  • LeafX Installs in just 1-2 Days
  • LeafX is Available in 14 Colors to Match Your Gutter
  • LeafX Fits New or Existing Gutters of Any Size or Style
  • LeafX Works With Any Type of Roof and Any Pitch
  • LeafX Handles Any Rain Ever Recorded

How It Works

About Us

Ray Wilson has over 40 years experience as a roofing, siding and gutter installer. He was personally chosen by LEAFX in 2006 to represent their brand as their official Tennessee distributor and as one of a handful of certified installers for the state. Since then he has installed the LEAFX gutter system for hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Tennessee.

As an official representative, Mr. Wilson provides you with the peace of mind that your LEAFX gutter system will be properly installed. You can rest assured knowing he is backed by LEAFX 100 %! You also have his personal guarantee of your complete satisfaction for every gutter system installed.

Call today to receive your quote for the number one clog free CLEAN GUTTER SYSTEM. You have the knowledge that you are working with a CERTIFIED LEAFX INSTALLATION PROFESSIONAL giving you a LIFETIME NO-CLOG GUARANTEE.

Ray looks forward to serving your new gutter needs and is thrilled you are interested in LEAFX.
References will be happily furnished to you upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How Much Rain Will The LEAFX Gutter Cover System Handle?

A – LeafX Gutter Panels Have Been Tested To Handle Any Amount Of Rainfall Ever Recorded.

Q – How Much Rain Per Hour Can LEAFX Handle?

A – LeafX Gutter System Panels have been tested to handle at least 12” of rain in an hour. Be wary of competitors that claim their gutter covers handle ridiculous amounts of rainfall. Some will try to use huge numbers to lure you to focus on a product that may have serious deficiencies.

Q – How Steep Of A Roof Can You Install The LEAFX Gutter Cover System?

A – We have installed regular LeafX on roofs as steep as 16/12 pitch and it worked great. Some Roofs May Require The Special High Flow LeafX Gutter Cover System.

Q – Why Should I Choose LEAFX Gutter Covers?

A – There are probably more than 100 reasons to choose LEAFX for your home. The Problems With Traditional Gutters Is Clogging And Clogged Gutters Lead To Many Problems.


Snow And Ice Damage
Mold In The Attic & Basement
Water Damage To Fascia & Soffit
Foundation And Landscaping Damage
Ceiling Stains And Damage
Falling….There are 65000 deaths annually.
Falling from the ladder while trying to clean gutters.
Continued expense paid out to clean gutters.

A – YES!!! LEAFX CLEAN GUTTER SYSTEM is only installed by Certified Installation Professionals. When LEAFX is installed correctly we can easily stand behind our LIFETIME NO-CLOG GUARANTEE. Additionally, LEAFX has a LIFETIME Finish Warranty.

Q – Can I Purchase Different Colors Of LEAFX Gutter Covers?

A – YES. You can choose between 14 different colors plus copper. See Your Local Dealer For Actual Colors.

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