Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

LeafX is a premium gutter protection system that is constructed of 100% aluminum, requires no drilling into the roof or fascia of your home, and is only offered by authorized installation experts.

LeafX Clog-Free Guarantee

The LeafX Clean Gutter System is a gutter cover that is designed to keep debris out and keep you off the ladder. The LeafX gutter protection system fits easily over your homes existing gutters, is tested to withstand the heaviest rainfalls, and comes with a lifetime, fully transferable Clog-Free Guarantee.

Invest In Your Home Today!

If you’ve spent any time on a ladder, cleaning your gutters by hand, you know what an exhaustive chore it can be. Our patent-pending LeafX Gutter Protection System will get you off the ladder, giving you the freedom to do more of what you enjoy. Our unique system is only installed by contractors that have been authorized by the manufacturer. It also comes with an industry leading Lifetime Guarantee and protects your gutters from snow & ice, leaves, pine needles, and other debris.

Why LeafX?

  • We Guarantee to Clog Free Gutters for the Life of Your Gutter
  • LeafX Clog Free Guarantee/Warranty is Transferable, Thereby Increasing Your Homes Value
  • LeafX is Constructed of 100% Aluminum, Preventing Corrosion or Fading
  • LeafX Attaches to Your Existing Gutter, Not the Fascia or Roof of Your Home
  • LeafX Installs in just 1-2 Days
  • LeafX is Available in 14 Colors to Match Your Gutter
  • LeafX Fits New or Existing Gutters of Any Size or Style
  • LeafX Works With Any Type of Roof and Any Pitch
  • LeafX Handles Any Rain Ever Recorded

LeafX is Available in 16 Colors*




Tuxedo Grey





Royal Brown

Dark Bronze



Pearl Grey


Musket Brown


* Actual colors may vary due to monitor settings. Contact us for more info.

Available in Multiple Styles

Leafx High Flow Cover

High Flow

Leaf Solid Cover

Solid Cover

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LeafX Gutter Guards

Serving The Upper Cumberland Including:

  • Algood, TN
  • Baxter, TN
  • Cookeville, TN
  • Crossville, TN
  • Fairfield Glade, TN
  • Gainesboro, TN
  • Lake Tansi, TN
  • Livingston, TN
  • Monterey, TN
  • Smithville, TN
  • Sparta, TN
  • and others.